Special Offer for members of the New Castle County Chamber of Commerce – No-Cost Wireless Site Survey

  • Is your wireless network not up to par?Image of Wireless Access Point and Laptop
  • Experiencing slow speeds from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet?
  • Choppy video and audio?
  • Frequent Disconnects?

Wireless networking is fast becoming very important to many business. Unfortunately, the way it’s rolled out is often trial-and-error. The shape of your offices, the materials of the walls, even the size of the cubicle partitions could all mean the difference between good and terrible wireless access. We can help take the guesswork out of it by conducting a professional wireless site survey.

As a fellow member of the New Castle County Chamber of Commerce, we would like to offer you a no-cost site survey with written report to help you ensure that your wireless Wi-Fi network is ready to meet whatever you can throw at it.

How it Works

With just a few pieces of information from you, one of our consultants will visit your site at a convenient time. Using the latest tools and equipment, they will capture information on the radio signals in your offices, and analyze that information and present you with a written report that will show you how your wireless network is performing. Some of the items included in the report:

  • Signal strength map showing you where you have good network coverage and where you may have holes.
  • Interference—whether it’s some other company’s wireless equipment or the break room microwave, we can identify if there’s anything that could be disrupting your wireless signal.
  • Estimated Speed of the wireless network at different areas
  • Capacity Report—Are there too many clients connected or do you have room for growth?


 How Do We Take Advantage of This Special Offer?

Contact us for more information! We’ll work with you to schedule a convenient time to begin the process. There are only a few things we need from you:

  • A scale drawing, blueprint, or floor plan of the area to be surveyed.
  • Permission to connect to your wireless network.
  • Access to your facilities under your supervision and at your convenience.
  • There is NO cost and NO obligation at any time.

No-Cost survey offer applies to the first of 2,500 contiguous square feet of office space or one building floor, whichever is less. Limit 1 (one) no-cost survey per active New Castle County Chamber of Commerce Member. Additional terms and conditions apply.


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